d'incise / Läng

Plattform nicht Dokumentierbarer Ereignisse:
Ein Doppel-Solokonzert

d'incise: MS20 synth recordings, analog filters, tube overdrive, spring reverb, laptop & softwares
Antoine Läng: Prepared & amplified jawharps




The word ???u? (kaûma) gave us the « calm » losing its primary sens of « heat ». Here an archaic experimental music, a more or less advanced electronic technology with questionable sustainability, false loops, oscillations and glidings, between immutable harmonic series and dubious Chinese components. If « kaûma » also gives « chômer »(« not to work ») (from occitan « caumar », « to rest during the heat »), another warming would call to disturb the calm, the pattern, to come out of our torpor (??u?, kôma (« deep sleep »). But above all a syncretic, stretched music, between languor induced by this poetry of white noise and defect and a playful speculative processionary will.

Antoine Läng


A combination of specific preparation and tuning of the jaw harp, emphasis on the same gesture and rhythm of the fingers, variations in mouth opening, jaw tension and modulations of the breath, on the ability to repeat, by resistance or by accident, what each of these parameters can hold, deviate or give up, to release a sound with different layers and times from one simple action.

Gefördert von:
ON Cologne
Prohelvetica - Schweizer Kulturstiftung